A Little About Me

I’m the national basketball business reporter at The Athletic. Always trying to find something interesting, something fun, and something poignant to write about. Currently covering the NBA, and the intersection of money and basketball. I’ve been honored twice by the Associated Press Sports Editors in the investigate (2nd place) and explanatory (3rd place) divisions. I earned some honors from the Professional Basketball Writers Association. And I’ve had a story or two go viral too.

Before this job, I covered the Knicks for The Athletic. That was a doozy, believe me. Not a bad team to cover in your first job reporting on the NBA; also not a great team to cover in your first job reporting on the NBA. I lived, I learned, I laughed, I went to Milwaukee a few times.

I used to be a contributor to the New York Times, VICE Sports, USA Today, and elsewhere. I covered the Mets for The Star-Ledger. I got to write and report on their rise from middling rebuilding organization to World Series team. Matt Harvey’s comeback, Daniel Murphy’s Ruthian turn, the trade for Yoenis Cespedes — I wrote about it.

Before that, I was an enterprise writer at The Ledger. I mined for good stories in college sports, wrote about the Devils on their Stanley Cup run and was there for the Year of Tebow with the Jets.

Co-founder of the The -30- newsletter.

Used to be the SportsREDEF curator.

If I wanted a desk job I would have stayed in law school.

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