How Paul DePodesta Went From Moneyball to the NFL

A profile of Paul DePodesta for Vice Sports less than two weeks after he left the Mets for the Browns. This was DePodesta’s first interview after making the move. It looks at DePodesta as more than just a Moneyball wonk and digs deep into his thinking and how his varied past influences his present and future.

Meet Uncle Spliffy: Cliff Robinson Enters Into The Weeds

I went to Portland to talk to 18-year NBA vet Cliff Robinson and wrote about his emerging legalized marijuana business.

North Bergen football coach Vincent Ascolese recruited players, then cast them aside

A front-page investigative feature for The Star-Ledger. It placed second in the 2012 APSE Investigative division. The story focuses on Vincent Ascolese, a legendary New Jersey high school coach, who recruited players to help win his final state title. The article led to the state’s governing body stripping the team and coach of the title — the first time it had done so in recent memory.

Are coaches killing themselves to win?

A page one story looking at the effect of the profession on coaches. I executed an idea to attach heart monitors in-game and in practice to three coaches, including two major college basketball coaches. It placed third in the explanatory category at the APSE awards this spring.

Can anybody stop baseball’s elbow injury epidemic?

A story that examines how the Mets and Major League Baseball are attempting to curb the Tommy John surgery epidemic and breaking news on the cutting edge development that could allow the surgery to dramatically change in the future.

How the Mets saved their 2015 season with one crazy week in July

A day by day account of how the Mets saved their 2015 season with three trades and a risky promotion of their top prospect, with new information into the team’s thinking and trade talks.

Moneyball in the NFL: New technology is next wave of scouting and analysis in NFL, if league allows it

Part of a series on advanced analytics in the NFL, this looked at the current and future use of technology in the league and broke ground on the technology teams were using, as well as what they still coveted.

Daniel Murphy makes All-Star Game with devotion to hitting and friendship from the scout who signed him

A profile of Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy before his All-Star Game appearance, his obsession with hitting and the relationship he has with the scout that signed him.

Steve Longa and father, Etienne, have come a long way together and apart

The story of Steve Longa, the Rutgers linebacker, and his father, Etienne, who spent five years apart as Etienne left his family behind in Cameroon to find new life in the United States.